Released 2004 | 96 min

An American art appraiser, Patrick Donovan, is sent to Venice to evaluate three paintings belonging to the famous Galleria dell'Accademia. But before Donovan can finish his evaluations, 'La Tempesta', the crown jewel of the museum's collection, is stolen by assailants. As Donovan investigates the theft a sophisticated forgery operation is revealed.


  • Directed byTim Disney
  • Written byJuan Manuel de Prada
  • Edited byChris Wyatt
  • Music byRichard G. Mitchell
  • ProducersBill Haney, William Haney, & Kees Kasander
  • Co-producersEva Baro, Bob Bellion, Jimmy de Brabant, Antoni Sole, & Alessandro Verdecchi
  • Line ProducerJet Christiaanse
  • Assistant Line ProducerEsther Thedinga
  • Executive ProducersBill Allan & Carlo Dusi
  • Co-executive ProducerLoris Curci
  • CinematographyReinier van Brummelen
  • Art DirectionChristina Schaffer
  • Set DecorationDiana van de Vossenberg
  • Costume DesignMichele Clapton