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Classroom Lecture

For Educators

Films can be a powerful tool in the classroom. 

We are working offer many of our films to educators at no cost directly for classroom use. Some films will be available from Uncommon Productions directly or through Kanopy using a school or library ID. Current films available include:

Jim Allison: Breakthrough

The Last Mountain


Check back soon for more titles.

Jim Allison: Breakthrough


Thanks to the generosity of Dragonfly Therapeutics and Skyhawk Therapeutics, classroom and public viewing rights at educational institutions for Jim Allison: Breakthrough is available for educators and educational institutions at no cost. The in-kind screening license also includes an Educator Toolkit as a companion resource. The toolkit includes lessons, discussion questions, research and lab activities, and opportunities to explore careers in the fields of science and medicine. These activities can be used or adapted for use in high school, college, and post-secondary classrooms and are written to meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Learn more and sign up here.

Themes: Basic Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Cancer, Immunotherapy, Innovation, and Scientific Research

The Last Mountain


Currently, The Last Mountain is available for rent on Amazon and iTunes. In 2021 it will be available at no cost to educators on the Kanopy platform. The companion guide for educators was created by The Center for Ecoliteracy includes thought-provoking questions as well as activities for introducing the themes and taking action. Get your copy of the discussion guide here


Themes: Economics, Energy Production, Environmental Science, Geography, Political Science, and Public Health

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