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A Question of Faith

2000 | 90 min

In the heart of California wine country lies a monastary where centuries old traditions of ritual, discipline and solitude create a timeless serenity—unitl one dazzling moment changes everything.


A member of the order experiences a miraculous encounter with implications that are both stunning and uplifting. As the community struggles with the ramifications, long-buried conflicts begin to surface. Soon the Brothers are forced to grapple with the just below civility—and the fact that heroes are often found in the most unlikely places.


With humor and grace, A Question of Faith weaves a magical tale of the transformative power of faith.


“Writer and director Tim Disney raises a provocative point about how radical and inconvenient true faith can be..."

~ Jay Carr, The Boston Globe


“A thoughtful fable, laced with humor, the picture has its charms...”

~ Steven Rea, The Philadelphia Inquirer


Directed by

Written by

Produced by

Edited by

Tim Disney

Tim Disney

Bill Haney

Nancy Richardson

Music by

Casting by

Line Producer

Executive Producers

Stephen James Taylor

Jory Weitz

Gerard DiNardi

Edward R. Pressman

Production Designer

Costume Designer

Director of Photography

John Iacovelli

Randy Gardell

Claudio Rocha

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