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Founded in 2000 by Tim Disney and Bill Haney, Uncommon Productions produces documentary and feature films that inspire, enlighten, and engage.
With offices in Boston and Los Angeles, Uncommon tells stories seen worldwide in major festivals, theaters and streaming platforms.




Tim Disney is an artist and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. As a film maker, and co-founder of Uncommon Productions, Tim has written, produced, or directed multiple feature films and documentaries.


Tim lives with his family in Los Angeles.



Bill Haney is a filmmaker, inventor and entrepreneur. As a writer, director and producer of both narrative documentary films, he has won The Gabriel Prize, A Silver Hugo, The Earthwatch Award, A Marine Conservation Award, and an Amnesty International Award. Chosen as Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, he has won an Humanitarian Award from Harvard Medical School, a Distinguished Service Award from the Senior Olympics, the Slow Food Prize, a Genesis Award, an Achievement Award from the ACLU, been repeatedly nominated for a NAACP Image Award, been short listed for an Oscar and won the Pare Lorentz Award.


His first invention was a system for reducing air pollution from power plants, and became the basis for his first company. He has since started or helped start more than a dozen companies. He is presently the CEO of Dragonfly Therapeutics and Skyhawk Therapeutics, Boston-based biotechs building novel drugs for cancer, autoimmune disease and neurological disease. 


Bill is a graduate of Harvard College and served as a Fellow of Harvard's Kennedy School. He and his wife, Maura, live in Boston, MA.

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