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American Violet

2008 | 103 min

After an overzealous district attorney's drug bust lands her in jail, single mother Dee Roberts must face an agonizing choice: Plead guilty and go home a convicted felon, or fight the charges and risk a lengthy prison sentence.


Despite her mother's advice and risking everything, innocent Dee chooses to fight the Texas criminal justice system, joined by an ACLU attorney and a former narcotics cop.


“Three stars. Nicole Beharie delivers a stunning performance."

~ Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


“American Violet, which is based on real events that took place in late beautifully acted by Ms. Beharie…”

~ Stephen Holden, The New York Times


"The performances are persuasive and nuanced, illustrating the many ways people accept injustice — and, occasionally, compensate for past acceptances."

~ Mark Jenkins, NPR


“A Powerful Movie about Race and the Drug War… This impressive new film tells one woman’s story of abuse at the hands of a hostile legal system. For different reasons, it evokes such past films as Erin Brockovich, Mississippi Burning, and the works of Sidney Poitier in the Civil Rights era. American Violet tells the story of legal injustice and systemic, institutionalized racism — and the struggle to overcome such prejudice...”

~ Chris Weigant, Huffington Post


"American Violet is the first must-see film for African-Americans in 2009."

~ Clay Kane, BET

"A gem of a movie. Timely, thought-provoking, passionate, exciting. Everything you look for in a movie experience and more."

~ Dr. Joy Browner, WOR Radio

"The film is a rich, vibrant narrative film guaranteed to move everyone who sees it."

~ Rex Reed, The New York Observer


Directed by

Written by

Produced by





Casting by

Tim Disney

Bill Haney

Bill Haney

Debra Longo

Miriam Marcus

Elizabeth O'Keefe

Susan Shopmaker

Line Producer




Executive Producers

Music Supervisor

Mark Donadio

Jennifer Eplett

Sean Reilly

Tom R. Camp

Peter Newman

Jennifer Nash

Music by

Edited by


Production Designer


Director of



Teddy Castellucci

Nancy Richardson

Curtiss Clayton

Terilyn A. Shropshire

Monroe Kelly


Steve Yedlin

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